Quality Control

  • Quality ControlDeveloping a comprehensive QC program

    Quality Control is a key area in any manufacturing environment. Our team can assist you in doing a complete review of your quality control procedures and, if necessary, help you develop a formal QC program and conduct regular QC audits. In addition to our practical manufacturing experience, our senior production consultant has a Black Belt in 6 Sigma & Lean Manufacturing procedures. This knowledge and experience can help you improve your overall quality control and increase productivity and profitability.

  • QC InspectionConducting on site QC inspection including air and water leakage tests to ensure your products conform to the job specifications and Building Code requirements

    If your company or customers are involved in commercial or government projects that require on-site certification, we have extensive experience in this area. Whether the project requires in-progress testing or investigation of service issues, we have all of the necessary tools to provide these services and enable you or your customers to successfully complete these projects.

  • QC AuditDetailed inspection reports and recommendations

    We can conduct regular internal QC audits or conduct full audits of external projects and prepare detailed reports and recommendations to improve on-going quality.