Certification Assistance

CertificationsCSA, NFRC, Energy Star, IGMA, Window Wise, and AAMA certification programs all require in depth paperwork and extensive documentation. Pro-Active Fenestration Solutions can help you accurately complete the paperwork necessary for a successful audit and can assist you in maintaining those records going forward.

Fabricators seem to concentrate on increasing production and neglect other important issues such as certification, testing, maintaining QC records, documentation, preparing for SCA or NFRC audits, and ensuring that the Energy Star website is kept up-to-date.

If the window system, your are manufacturing has been tested by the extrusion manufacturer this does not automatically mean that your windows are certified. Unless you are manufacturing to the exact specifications tested by the extrusion company, your windows, doors and curtain walls must be tested for air leakage, water penetration, structural load and wind load resistances. We can help you through this process, ensuring accurate testing is performed and all results are properly documented.

With our depth of experience in the window industry, we can oversee the certification process from start to finish. This includes providing recommendations for product improvements or modifications to improve overall test results and ratings, assistance in the preparation of the actual products to be tested, coordinating the work of testing lab and the certification agency, in-lab testing support, as well as preparation of the final paperwork for submission to CSA, NFRC, Energy Star and other agencies.

Our professionals can save you both time and money in completing this process.